Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good Girls go to Heaven...

...Bad Girls go Everywhere! The beginning of the March Fashion bibles are slowly trickling in, and I am muy impressed! The March 2012 issue of W involves the iconic Kate Moss wearing opulent white lace (which I think could be Dolce) An amazing moment for this month! W is also coming out with another cover of Kate for March, a "bad" side. Let's hope that the rest of the American Fashion rags can keep up!

Nicholas K : F/W 2012

Photographed by Kristie Dash

First show of the day! Nicholas K! With the concept as apparent as the styling, the Nicholas K collection showed looks inspired by the southwest urban cowboy, hip, effortless, nonchalant, creating an ease with every layered combo. The colours seemed to have been borrowed from the Mojave, with dusty rose, ash blue, and camel transitioning into a plume of dark grey. The transition of the show seemed to have formed a colour story, chronicling the moments of twilight, to the moments of night. A number of richly coloured capes seemed to have been the moment of the show, with the girls, 90's inspired silhouettes of form-fitting maxis, with lovely back detail, and with the boys, a Navajo mixed with Cowboy idea, which included layers of slouchy garb, garnished with 10 gallon hats. Each look was as lovely as the last. The con of the show was the hair and makeup, where the female models garnered severe black wigs, with makeup simulating a tired woman. (NOTE: never never pale out the face, and do a rusty red smoky eye, you will look like death)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sexy Sexy Sissi

IMG gives me chills almost daily, and this stunning bish is no exception, but I must say that the sudden flock of Asian stunners would not be without the amazing Paras in China, where Sissi hails from. I have normally been right about upcoming stars (never forget the Lindsey Wixson moment I stated back in 09!), so I know that this Asian star will go far after this runway season! Bet.

Slaughterhouse Week

Fashion week in the city of the NY is vastly approaching, and all of the 15 year old 5'10ers and their bookers are all trying to get the best girls in the best shows! A birdie told me how unexpected this season is going to be, from down to the minute cancellations, to a certain fresh face, with no NY agency getting first dibs on blue-chip opening slots. Let's hope that a certain face from the midwest gets a coveted slot.

Monday, November 28, 2011


I feel fantastic! After countless months of trying to figure out what email I used with this blog, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief that I am able to get into this amazing nugget of sexiness again! I am going to refresh this blog, and give it a new Chanel coat!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Half-Century Puss for LV F/W 2009

DON'T WE LOVE A HALF-CENTURY SNATCH?! NO. But apparently, Mr. Marc Jacobs loves her! I have to admit, I love the photo, and the ad campaign, as well as the retouching. I wonder who Marc is going have for next season? I hope not Lil Kim, or dare I say it, the ill-na-na.

Sexy Futurism Japanese Madonna FYT:

September is the January of Fashion

We live for September of any year! That is when the fashion glossies produce the mags in BIBLE SIZE! I die and live at the same time! Following the world and the lives of the beautiful, I realized the trailer for US Vogue's new documentary "The September Issue" came out. For you lovers who don't know which September issue they are filming, it is September 2007 with Sienna Miller on the cover. One of my favorite Septembers ever! Check the HD Trailer!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'll Screw to be Miesel's Muse!

The industry is crying and shaking, but some are gagging, and fanning themselves feverishly with their hand fans. Our gorgeous lipped beauty from Vision LA, Lindsay Wixson (who is 15 and 5'11), was in NYC two weeks ago shooting an editorial with Mr. Miesel for Vogue Italia with the sexpots, Karlie & Jac! I have never seen anything like this before. Miesel picks a girl, who is with an LA agency to be in the sexy glossy?! Apparently, before this Lindsay went to IMG, but they didn't want her. Teardrops on your guitar, IMG? Now after this editorial, IMG and the other agencies are screaming, and fighting to get her! Well, I know one thing. I love a girl who gives good face!

Check out her amazing Video. She glides. What a sexy BITCH!

Untitled from Victor Del Toro on Vimeo.

VS is pulling a Suzy Ormon!

Soooooo, I am just shaking and crying that a certain sexy full lipped lizzie is now with Vicki Hush Hush! Who is it? Only the Cat's Meow, Ms. McNeil! Check out her VS picture below!

Shocked Me Back to Pre-Fall

I'll admit it, I was going bonkers when I saw Anja Rubik in Gucci's latest campaign. Foolish of me when I realized that this Gucci Campaign that all the Fashion Industry was buzzing about turned out to be Gucci Pre-Fall 09-10 Campaign. Vey. Don't tell anyone because this is just a mess. I felt a bit annoyed that I was hoodwinked like this. This was just as bad as trying to tell people that Dolce & Gabbana and D&G are two different companies, they are like Roberto Cavalli and Just Cavalli. Vey. Anyway, look at these pictures of the rest of the campaign, which features tasty bags. photos from: & via tfs

And she is wearing this:

Emma's Teen Vogue Editorial

Teen Vogue is kitschy, and a bit crass at times (ahem, Selena Gomez), but this time we actually see youthful, fresh fashions in this magazine. From posts earlier, I told you about Emma Watson's cover, but here are her editorial photos! Look at them and WEEP SELENA "FATFACE" GOMEZ!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Will the Witness Please Rise?

We all know that Miss Balmain herself, Rihanna, had to go to court yesterday to testify against Mr. Mollywop Chris Brown. However, she had to nerve to come to the court with her strand of pearls, and her "All-My-Life-I-Had-To-Fight" attitude. But what was this tweed frock she was wearing guys? She just because she wore this foolishness, me and her are no longer tight like Oprah and Gail. Now, I know I live for all the drama, so if I was Rihanna I would of wore one of these tres chic garments, and the signature oversized sunglasses!

Wingardium Leviosa!

Photo: Getty Images
So, the Harry Potter film is coming out soon (and you sexy dweebs have your going out tops steamed and ready) and Hogwart's resident belle, Hermoine, or in the real world, Emma Watson is slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with, throwing out striking editorials, worth-while covers, and can I say a certain lucrative ad campaign with everyone's favorite fabric pattern (wink wink starts with a "B"). Rumor has it that this belle may be designing or directing a clothing line with fashion advice from Uncle Karl (How is Chanel anyway, uncle?). But that is a post for another time, look at these sexy images of Madame Watson. "It's Levio-sa! Not Levio-sah!"

Burberry F/W 2009-10 Campaigns

I'm Under the Spell of La R'el!

La R'el from Marilyn Model Mgmt. Image from: The Imagist

Beauty is only one word. She is devastatingly gorgeous! And just in time for the July Castings! NY Fashion Week? Here we come? All I have to say, is let's not pull a Jaslene from ANTM and try to be chic with your big jaw chinline! Photo is by Dean Rodgers if you don't know. Thanks to Wayne from The Imagist for this sexy time picture!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Layout Soon.

To some of you, this may be a new fashion blog, but to some of the dedicated, this is a rebirth. Fashionation for Fashion is currently being redone. It has been a year since my last post, but this site will be revamped to cosmic perfection! This will be a daily blog about Fashion, Style, and general Avant-Garde Chicness. Stay tuned for the new layout.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008



Luke W's New Do & Editorial!

So, I haven't been following Luke's career, but apart from being the other half of Kelly Osbourne, there hasn't been any highlights. I stumbled across his editorial earlier today, and was amazed. Boy is he flexible! Seeing a 6'0 foot tall person flex and pose for fashion is amazing, so today he was photographed by our favorite casting director, and he is sporting a new do too, from Platinum bleached blonde, to a more demur dirty blonde color (maybe his natural hair color?)

Expanding Over the Closet

This is what I call an amazing use of space! Move over Carrie Bradshaw, these people are using their fridge to store those pricey goodies!

Inside the Music Box: Disturbia by Rihanna

Yes, another non-fashion post, but I love love love this video by Rihanna! It is the bestest, weirdest, amazingist video I have seen from her,in a while! LIVE!

Rihanna - Disturbia (Official music video) HQ

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What You Say? Say it again! I ain't hear you!

I am losing my mind (p.s. This isn't a fashion post) but my favorite tranny bitch, Wendy Williams debuted her talk show on friday! Yes honey she is a tranny to be reckoned with! I live!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Et tu Kanye?!

Yikes! Kanye West is set to create shoes for his favorite brand, Louie V... I hate it, so we can continue to stroke his fragile ego...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sasha P. or John Galliano?

Androgyny is in.

Monday, June 30, 2008

I'll Pass for Waz!

I know, making up titles using the model's name is pretty hard. lol. Anywho, IDK if you seen UK's Make Me A Supermodel (with my four favs, Luke, Waz, Senait, and Marianne) but we was rooting for Waz since the beginning. Yeah, he had that tough boy exterior, and the smart ass attitude, but we saw something. Waz looks like no other male model, and since it is a year of diversity, we will see Waz walking down the major runways. But IDK, you guys can decide if he is model material.