Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vman's Next Supermodel?

So there was a random VMan model search a few months back, and it all looked chic and legit. Even our neighborhood male model, Donovan B., was in it, and was doing quite well if I might add (#20), well some months later he dropped to #50, and randoms started to get on it, like girls for an all male model search, and ultimately the finalists were one of the last entries (#949, #950, #951). Anywho, I will give you the winner and the finalists who got a photoshoot with Hedi Slimane, designer turned photographer, a contract with FORD, and a cover of VMan Fall/Winter 2008. I personally don't believe in this person, because he looks too much like a Ryan Taylor/Cole Mohr/Terron Wood hybrid. But it is what it is. And the other controversy is his application photo was shot @ FORD, clearly, we all know that wall who have been to the FORD NY Flagship Agency.

Hopefully, VAMODEL Search for V Magazine runs a bit more smoothly. But so far, not so good. I mean look at the girls so far, not chic, not flattering, and where is you neck number 1???


Louise Goldin Ankle Boots.
Tell me these don't scream OMG! SEX! ORGASM! COLLAPSE! DIE!


I was searching through this grand ol' place called the internet, and I wound up adoring this new model who opened for DIOR Homme 2K7 and is definitely on everyone's radar! This is the uber emo bad boy Cole Mohr! I so live for him right now! Even though Sean is still my #1 Male MODEL!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Fashion Orgasms!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Color of Noir.

Ladies and Gentlemen! If you don't know: For the July 2008 Issue of Vogue Italia, there will be featuring only NON-WHITE MODELS! That means Channel dust off the pumps; Alek use extra body gloss, and Iman just be Iman, because you guys are taking over the magazine! Thanks to our friend in our head, Steven Miesel, he heard an upcoming top model's rant of their are more than white in London! (Thanks Jourdan Dunn). So far there have been a few confirms, and so far it looks like Jourdan Dunn is going to grace the cover! However, I find it a bit hypocritical when you go years rarely putting black models on covers and editorials, but you are going to use 30 black models in one issue, and the next issue go back to ZERO. Where is the diversity in that, Franca Sozzani?

Veronica Webb

Arlenis Pena

Alex Wek

Chanel "Channel" Iman


Jourdan Dunn

Liya Kebede

Shoes You Can Go Naked With.

So everytime I see amazing looking shoes with my friends, I always say: "She can walk outside naked with those shoes, and everyone will notice the shoes, and not her pikachu!" Well, these are my top three SYCGNW shoes!

These DIOR Shoes come in all colours of the RAINBOW!

MY FAVORITE SHOES SO FAR! Louis Vuitton "Wedge or Heel?" Shoe

Pierre Hardy: Cube Me Heels


My snazzy way of mixing Whitney and Update to get Whitdate! I really love Whitney all of a sudden (even though I still rooted for Fatima). A quick update: the bitch is with ELITE AND WE HAVE THE POLAROIDS! She looks so CHIC!

My L'Officiel Dreams!

Random but I want to be published in L'Officiel! These photos are so much better than what that crazy Wintour throws in her magazine. IF I see Caroline Trentini in another issue of US Vogue, IDK what I am going to do!

I'm Messin' with Simon Nessman

Simon Nessman (MAJOR Models), soon to be the golden boy for 2K9, has created quite a buzz in the fashion world with his angelic face, and curly Jewfro (thanks Seth Cohen!). After landing an AMAZING D&G Campaign, what is going to be next for this guy, who ironically is from the SAME place as the other supermodels, like Coco, Jessie Stam, Ryan Taylor, and Daria Werbowy, grand ol' CANADA! I am going to predict that he will be on the cover of L'Uomo Vogue soon enough! Oddly enough, he looks a bit like Sean O'Pry. And we always love that!!!!

Sean O'Pry (masked) with Simon for VMAN Issue #9

Putting the Coco back in Chanel!

I live for Chanel (not to be confused with Chanel Iman, whom I STILL call Channel), and I am loving the fact that Karl shot Coco Rocha, my top 5 model of all time (who can Irish Dance randomly) for his Spring/Summer 2008 Campaign! I love Coco, and Chanel, and what better way to pay some sort of homage to Coco Chanel, then the shoot Coco for Chanel! Talk about adding some Coco for flavor!

The Best Chanel Ads I have seen!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why I love Brows! And you should TOO!

I love Hilary Rhoda (whose real name is Hilary St. Claire) (whom I call Brows), and there has been a lack of her in my favorite glossies, such as Vogue (everyone but US Vogue), and my W's, even V Magazine. Where are you BROWS?! Why isn't anyone giving you work?! Etro was the only one who gave you an ad campaign, and I am sick of it! I love Brows, and you should too! A face like that doesn't come along everyday, and thank GOD she has Estee Lauder to cling on to, because if she didn't have that, she would have to model boats (thanks Ms. JAY!). YIKES! RING THE ALARM!

From my FAVORITE Editorial: Non-Stop Ultimate Pumping!

Brows for 2K9

House of Dereyikes! Kids Edition

I'm going to keep it PG, because it is the Kids Edition.

So Beyonce (who I call Be-no-no) and her tacky seamstress of a mother, Tina, are hard @ work making streetwalking clothes for the KIDS. Okay, I don't particularly like kids, but I feel sad when I see kids dressed like screaming-during-high-notes-while-looking-oh-so-dragalicious multiplatinum singers (OH, NOT YOU BE-NO-NO, I'm talking about the other singers!) All I have to say is YIKES! And we need to permenantly ban Tina from sewing, until she gets enrolled into Parsons, and get a thorough inspection from Tim Gunn, because he WOULD NOT APPROVE. He will say something like "Um, Tina, there is a lot of consternation and Sturm und Drang in your outfit. Make it work." This is almost as worst as Galliano's Dior Cruise Wear for 2K9...

Why I love V Magazine Right NOW!

I'm done.

Will it be: Chad, Sean, Brad, David, Evandro, and Timothy?

One of my personal favorite male models (who isn't an agency represented model) is Timothy. Stumbled on his profile the first time I got on the site called ModelMayhem. He is only 16, but he knows exactly what he wants to do, and he is pretty good @ it, if I say so myself. Well, technically he is represented by IKON Model Management, but who are they? EXACTLY! But we digress, and we look @ these tres chic photos!