Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why I love Brows! And you should TOO!

I love Hilary Rhoda (whose real name is Hilary St. Claire) (whom I call Brows), and there has been a lack of her in my favorite glossies, such as Vogue (everyone but US Vogue), and my W's, even V Magazine. Where are you BROWS?! Why isn't anyone giving you work?! Etro was the only one who gave you an ad campaign, and I am sick of it! I love Brows, and you should too! A face like that doesn't come along everyday, and thank GOD she has Estee Lauder to cling on to, because if she didn't have that, she would have to model boats (thanks Ms. JAY!). YIKES! RING THE ALARM!

From my FAVORITE Editorial: Non-Stop Ultimate Pumping!

Brows for 2K9

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