Saturday, May 17, 2008

House of Dereyikes! Kids Edition

I'm going to keep it PG, because it is the Kids Edition.

So Beyonce (who I call Be-no-no) and her tacky seamstress of a mother, Tina, are hard @ work making streetwalking clothes for the KIDS. Okay, I don't particularly like kids, but I feel sad when I see kids dressed like screaming-during-high-notes-while-looking-oh-so-dragalicious multiplatinum singers (OH, NOT YOU BE-NO-NO, I'm talking about the other singers!) All I have to say is YIKES! And we need to permenantly ban Tina from sewing, until she gets enrolled into Parsons, and get a thorough inspection from Tim Gunn, because he WOULD NOT APPROVE. He will say something like "Um, Tina, there is a lot of consternation and Sturm und Drang in your outfit. Make it work." This is almost as worst as Galliano's Dior Cruise Wear for 2K9...

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