Friday, May 16, 2008


So, this is so bugging me. We gave Tyrant praise the NINTH season of ANTM when she "came up" with the rock climbing photoshoot, and we said, OOOO so edgy, so original, go Tyra! But I stumble across this photo of a well-known model, Suvi in one of the many VOGUE's in this world doing the exact same shoot, but this was in 2005! LAME-O-TRONIC Tyra!

Damn Photoshoot with Ambreal from Cycle 9
Mimiced Photo! All the way to the lighting! DAMN TYRANT!

And this is why we love Australia's Next Top Model, because they get INSPIRATION from a photo, not IMITATION of a photo! And that is why I love AuSTM better!

Leiden: Cycle 4

Samantha: Cycle 4

Rebecca: Cycle 4

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