Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Daily Scouts

I am starting to scout models in different areas every couple months. This month it is Atlanta, GA/Augusta, GA/New York, NY.

Our Facebook Potentials:

Brittany M.

Atlanta, GA

Absolutely Modelesque! Someone sign her!

I would love to chop her hair off and BLEACH IT BLOND! I seriously can see her for D&G and Prada. Even GAP

Jonathan F.

Atlanta, GA

An amazing looking model. I shot him in two of my photoshoots, and he is really good for a beginner. I can see him for Burberry and D&G. He can either stick with his dark brown hair, or get dark red hair, and would be equally amazing.

Zach G.

Atlanta, GA

There comes a time where you find a person who just oozes model potential. This guy looks like he can be in the shows of Gucci, DSquared2, Prada, and Diesel. He needs to be signed tomorrow!

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