Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vman's Next Supermodel?

So there was a random VMan model search a few months back, and it all looked chic and legit. Even our neighborhood male model, Donovan B., was in it, and was doing quite well if I might add (#20), well some months later he dropped to #50, and randoms started to get on it, like girls for an all male model search, and ultimately the finalists were one of the last entries (#949, #950, #951). Anywho, I will give you the winner and the finalists who got a photoshoot with Hedi Slimane, designer turned photographer, a contract with FORD, and a cover of VMan Fall/Winter 2008. I personally don't believe in this person, because he looks too much like a Ryan Taylor/Cole Mohr/Terron Wood hybrid. But it is what it is. And the other controversy is his application photo was shot @ FORD, clearly, we all know that wall who have been to the FORD NY Flagship Agency.

Hopefully, VAMODEL Search for V Magazine runs a bit more smoothly. But so far, not so good. I mean look at the girls so far, not chic, not flattering, and where is you neck number 1???

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