Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tyrant's Final 3: Who Will Win and Not Get WORK?

So I have been following ANTM since episode 1 of the 10th season, and I have been pleasantly surprised on how Tyrant is giving them photoshoots that make sense (minus the stupid Meat Packing one) and not giving them photoshoot in which they have to run from the fashion victim witch! (TACKY) But I think that she got a really good final 3, Fatima, Whitney, and Anya. I saw a photo of them @ the finale party, and Fatima cut all the hair off, which looks pretty good (except for the fact she styled it like we are back in 2002, and Blu Cantrell's song was still on heavy rotation).

They don't look too bad, except for the fact they look
a bit regular there.

Oh Anya, what a bubbly Russian turned Hawaiian. I think she is going to win. She has done really well, we just don't want her to speak, she sounds like she has a syndrome or something.
Fatima! The girl with the FGM (YIKES!!!) She is so striking , and I want her to win so bad, but Tyra doesn't believe in letting people who may work in real life win (i.e. Mollie Sue!)
Whitney, the friendly neighborhood plus size. She is gorgeous, but she just may be the 2nd runner up. Tyra doesn't like Plus Size people in real life. She is just being "politically correct." Save the Shit for your teletubby mother TYRANT!
Hopefully when season 11 comes around, Tyrant gets the flu, and needs someone to take over that season for her (I pull for a real supermodel that knows what she is talking about, such as Paulina, Janice, (NOT TWIGGY), or even Beverly, but I would love some Channel to do it, because she would be ferosh! But I doubt if people will look up to her being that she is my age, oh but we dear to dream! One day)

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