Thursday, May 15, 2008

Daily Scouts: 5.15.2K8

So anywho, what I do best is go around the place and find potential models. Just me trying save the world in 4 minutes. Well anywho, here are my dailies for today!
Frimann F.
Atlanta, GA

Wow, that is all I have to say. Look @ that jawline, and those eyes! A-MAZING! He needs to be kept exactly as is because he is amazing. Being that he is over 6'0 too! PERFECTION! I can see him as the new Prada Boy.

Damon M.
Atlanta, GA

Okay, I know him through another person, but boy wasn't he striking when I met him, and asked him point blank if he wants to model. He said yes so we are happy with that. The only thing is, he cut those locks to something of a New Jersey fellow, and not digging it. If he gets these locks back, he can become a really good looking model.

Davionne A.

Atlanta, GA

Okay, noticed him immediately when I went to this Project X Fashion Show by CAU, and was ENAMOURED! I'm against the whole dreads phenom, but I'm digging his a lot, and it actually adds to his look instead of taking it away. Now he is about 5'11 but it's okay, I can see him doing a lot of print work.

Carrie L.

Atlanta, GA

Legs for miles! That is all I can say! I can so see her on the cover of Teen Vogue. I can also see her being the muse for Heatherette, which is MAJOR!!! Ferosha Coutura!

Suzanne S.

Atlanta, GA

I actually shot this photo of her, and is sooo into her! She looks a bit like out resident drama queen on Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester! I love her look so much! She looks like a girl who can snag any campaign if she wants. And she is tall! And we love tall bitches!

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