Friday, May 16, 2008

Seventeen Again.

So, as we all know the finale of ANTM was on Wednesday, and there was that finale party thing, as usual. Too bad Tyrant, Mr. & Ms. Jay, Paulina, and that douche Nigel wasn't there, but the woman that is slowly pulling Seventeen to Hell (Ann Shoket) was @ attendance, and SUPRISE BITCHES! MY love Coco Rocha was there, and probably that is why the panel wasn't there because they don't want to see a real working model in the presence. But the Shoket gave Whitney her Seventeen Magazine Cover, which is sooo cute! I love it, even though I am not going to read it, or even look @ the pictures, I am just going to admire the cover a bit, even though Fatima and Whitney should of been the top 2, and have Anya go to Ford and be brilliant, I guess it works out.

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