Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mario or Nick in Undies. Who 2 Choose?

We all know Mr. AC Slater himself, Mario Lopez, but who we don't know (unless you are a Broadway buff, or the least bit cultured) is Nick Adams. Both of them star on Broadway's A Chorus Line, and both of them were center points of interests for 2(x)ist reps. Initially, Mario was the No. 1 Draft pick for their ad campaign, but when they looked @ Mr. Adams, the rest was history. So congrats to Nick for the campaign. Slater, sadly, you are just too old now. But, hey take a page from Jessie Spano and host a Bravo TV Show, but just not "Step Up, and Dance".

Right Choice? I think So. Mario Lopez is so 1991.

But anywho, Nick for 2(x)ist. Look @ the more photos 2 see why he got it!

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