Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stylista. Fashion Suicide?

Go on these shows if you don't want a CAREER

America's Next Top Model.


I just watched the preview for Stylista, the CW's fashion-reality show based on "The Devil Wears Prada". All I have to say is YIKES! We all know that ANTM is Model Career Suicide (right Adrienne Curry, Yoanna House, Naimawho?, and countless others!), so it is no surprised that the career executioner, Tyrant Banks, and her flock of has-beens designed this show with one of the blandest fashion magazines to date "Elle". (Have you noticed that if you win a fashion based reality show, one of your prizes have something to do with Elle? Like Project Runway, and vintage ANTM?) Anywho, I am watching this preview, and all I can say was shame on Mr. Myers for first of all letting Anne Slowey out of the house, and lastly giving her free reign to make a mockery on that poor poor magazine (I'm seeing Elle becoming the next Jane Magazine). Now Madam Wintour is so sick of this randomosity of the fashion world mixed with reality tv sickness! In an interview last night, Ms. Devil Wears Prada herself pursed her lips at the meer thought of Stylista and if she wants a Vogue reality show. Now I don't care for US Vogue, but I commend Dame Wintour for not going unfashionably tacky and doing this reality show. What would Andre Leon think?

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