Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tyrant vs. Karlie Kloss.

I'll say this first, TYRANT, YOU ARE TOO OLD! Anywho, I'm reading my favorite fashion news, and I read that TYRANT insulted Karlie during the Jill Stuart Show during Feb. Fashion Week in NY. We all know that Karlie does her signature death zombie stare, and head bob, but as Karlie was passing by Tyrant (who was in the front row), Tyrant began mimicing her walk to a friend, and they laugh insanely during the show! Then she taps Nigel Barker who was behind her, and did the same mockery, and Nigel just shook his head. Shame on you TYRANT! Why don't you like her?! Is that she is High Fashion, while you were Commercial? Or is it that she can pose her ass off @ 15 against your 30 year old body? Or is the fact she didn't smile enough behind the eyes?!


Sad thing is, I was starting to respect Tyrant because she can still model well, but that is out the window. BOO Tyrant, BOO!

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