Sunday, June 22, 2008

Black Covergirl for August VI?

I'm looking @, and under the post for Vogue Noir's Issue, lies 10 Spontaneous Thoughts.
10 Spontaneous Thoughts On Vogue Italia July 2008

1. The big win is for Major's Sessilee Lopez. A cover, beautiful pictures and a on-the-record endorsement from Mr Meisel. She deserves all that!

2.Its very modern and very shrewd of Sozzanni and company to harness the passion and interest of internet fashion fans by pre-releasing the cover (virtually unheard of for VI) as well as a select group of images. TI bets newstand sales are going to be in-sane.

3.Edward Enninful's email quotes on Horn's "On The Runway" blog were amazing. This dispells for me the sentiment by some that this shoot was a cynical gesture.

4.The timing of the PR push is very interesting. Enough said LOL.

5.Oddly enough I cannot wait to see those Toccara Jones snaps

6. It was very real on Ms Sozzani's part to point out that Noemie's Vogue Paris cover wasn't supported by an inside ediitorial. Interesting enough the Hiss Squad told me Iman recently booked a Vogue Paris gig.

7.From Vogue Paris to US Vogue to Vogue Italia, Conde Nast editors are playing market leaders on that issue of diversity. It will be interesting to see the echo effect at other magazine groups but more importantly the advertiser response.

8. Which evokes the question made explicit by Horn, "Can black models sell (luxury) in 2008?" Two very powerful photographers, Nick Knight and Steven Meisel have gone on the record to say they are discouraged by clients from casting black models.

9. TI loves seeing Ashley Brokaw in the media spotlight.

10. Wonder who's the August VI cover. Hiss Squad alert!
Let's think, it is anyone that is in the Vogue Noir issue is going to be on the cover for August. I have a few specualtions. I know it isn't Iman, since she is already doing something for Vogue Paris for August. (Probably a YSL tribute issue) I have my suspicions that is may either be Chanel Iman (since she didn't get it for July), or Sessilee again. I secretly want Sabina on the cover. I really want her on a cover of a high fashion magazine! (she reminds me of a young Stacey McKenzie)

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