Monday, June 23, 2008

Tears, Fights, Body Images, Oh My!

This is slowly becoming everything Tyrant looks for in a reality show. Yes, I'm talking about this hot mess of a show, Stylista. I am trying so hard to like it, but the more I watch this extended preview, the more I see the trainwreck it will become. I'm so confused on why Elle is trying to be a reputable fashion magazine, but is the first magazine to accept being a reality show prize. Take a page from the Wintour and respectfully decline, this mess is only good for Seventeen, and probably inStyle. So anywho, if you want to see this mess, then watch the clip, but oy, if you are fashionable (not trendy, ewww) then you will not like this, just saying.

I ♥ Wintour for not doing this.

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