Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New York Dreams, and Cosmos

So, if you guys are my facebook friends, then you know that lately I have been talking about this grand apartment in NY for the up-and-coming mover, and I love this apt so much, one because it is in Manhattan, two everything is included, and three there is a fireplace! All for $2500! I love that price tag for this apt!

I can see me living in it.
being amazing with my urban outfitters and IKEA furniture.

having chic shindigs.
as we laugh about fashion.

and culture.

I run to the deli
down the block
to get an onion bagel (thanks Devil wears Prada)
and go to my assisting job @ W Magazine
(not Vogue)

but will occasionally bump into the Wintour

as we comment on the latest Nicholas Kirkwood heel.

And I tell her that we can be myspace friends
and nothing more.

And then I come back home
from my chic job
and get ready for a night
on the town
with nothing but my blackberry,
30 dollars

and my metrocard

and subway it to Soho

because we don't walk that far.
and yes bitch it is that far.
and go to the chic clubs

where I meet my friends,




and Samantha
as we drink cosmos

and wait for our other bff,

Chanel Iman

with her new buddy

Coco Rocha

as we laugh at the latest news

of Tyrant making yet another fashion show.
And we listen to Samantha
about her sex life
and we laugh,
but wonder

how she gets an orgasm

every time she has sex
And then we go to Times Square
and catch a show

just any show.

Yes, all of that from 12 pictures, but I am only going to show you 4.
Yes, it is random, and most likely will never happen, but I guess we have to start with a dream right?

That address:
&^% Columbia Ave.
NY, NY 10025

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