Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Toccara just ONE UP'D Tyrant!

Firstly, put this in your hair weave Tyrant, but Toccara (our favorite resident plus-size model from ANTM Cycle 3) shot with the Miesel for Italian Vogue July 2008's Ethnicity Issue, dubbed famously as, Vogue Noir. OMG! How do we feel about this? Apparently, she will be shot in fur and lingerie for this issue. I think Miesel doesn't like Tyrant either, because out of all the black models (supermodels at that), no one called Tyrant. And don't believe the bullsh!t of her being retired, because she is STILL represented by D Management Group, and she is still looking foolish. And I bet she bought a "When-Miesel-Calls-Me-For-A-Photoshoot" Wig.

Now whose pissed Tyrant? You better smile behind the eyes more.
I'm glad for Toccara, at least it wasn't Saleisha looking foolish.

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