Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sexy Times @ Augusta Mall, Georgia.

One of the Fashion(less) Capitals: Augusta, GA

So, with some friends, and noticed these "prime cuts".
If you are wearing these outfits, then you are a budding fashionista...

Let's start things off with the
Purple" EZaXXXcess" Dress

A Schmexy Outfit like this will have you be the
Belle of the Ball!

This is what happens when tweens try to dress like Hannah Montana, and
a dash of Heidi Montag.

with the necklace closeup

This crass outfit is what tweens wear when they want to be considered

This is what we call.... a mess.
Notice the Pebbles meets Left Eye approach to this outfit

Now, I want to know where did they find outfits
that both fits the hefty mother, and the
tiny daughter? Any suggestions?

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